The ideas come in thick and fast.

This one from Anne Grethe Eckmann, of the Nordic Enterprise Trust, who has seen some excellent micro-breweries integrated with pubs so that the clientele can see the brewing going on while they partake of the hospitality.

Add to that training of young brewers; an outlet for local barley; and of course barrels of Star Heavy rolled down the High Street to the local hostelries…….

I like the idea, but I’ve no idea about the logistics of the site.

The Moulin Inn near Pitlochry is an interesting example.

Moulin has always resisted the lure of jukeboxes and pool tables, interestingly they were installed in the 80’s and early 1990’s, but this led to the demise of the Pub, and only their removal and a general refurbishment saw the customers return again.

The past 15 years have seem many changes, most noteworthy the setting up of the adjacent Moulin Brewery, the provision of Ales from our very own Brewhouse added a unique ingredient that quickly saw a steady stream of new visitors to the Inn.